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The Village FAQ

Posted by number_twox on 2007.11.27 at 11:38
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Where am I?
In the Village.
What do you want?
Whose side are you on?
That would be telling . . .
We want Information.

You won't get it.

1. What is the Village?

The Village is the setting of The Prisoner, a spy show from the late 60's. It is a cult classic and an amazing show, if you've not watched it I suggest you do so.

For the purposes of this RP, the Village both exists in a corporal state as well as metaphysically. Arguments can be made that your character was kidnapped and brought here, and arguements can also be made that they are trapped in nothing but a prison of their own mind. It is up to each player individually as to how they want to approach the game.

2. Why is my character here?

There are two possibilities to explain your character's arrival in the Village. The first is that they are somehow connected to the Government or the Military wherever they are from and they Know Too Much - and now whoever they work for wants to know exactly How Much They Know. The second possibility is that your character is locked in some kind of internal struggle or dilemma and cannot move forward until that internal struggle has been conquered.

You must have your character's reason for being in the Village before your application can be accepted. It is part of the nature of the game that Number 2 knows everything about every character who passes through the Village, for Number 2 is there to either help or hinder their progression.

3. Why try to escape?

Why not try to escape? Characters are brought to the Village against their will, and the Village is about eliminating individuality and thought. It is not exactly a vacation resort.

4. The Numbering System

Every character upon arrival in the Village is designated a number instead of their name, starting with the number 10 and going from there. All official characters and official documents will only refer to the character by their number, not their name.

If anyone would like to play Number 6, please contact a mod at the.village.rp@gmail.com.

5. Combat?

There is no armed combat in the Village, as weapons are prohibited. If your character has an "equipped" weapon, it was confiscated upon their arrival. If your character uses any sort of combat magic, there is a Magic Dampener in the office of Number 2. It does not completely cut off all magical skills, but it does severely dampen them. IE; if your character can cast a fireball the size of a small car, then once in the Village they can cast a fireball the size of a toy car.

Hand-to-hand combat is permissible and in fact encouraged. Be advised that Village Workers will (violently) break up fights if need be, and all fighters will likely be detained.

6. Who is Number 1?

That would be telling.

7. Canon-puncturing

Canon-puncturing (the act of telling a character they're fictional) is permitted in this game, but only with the permission of all of the characters from the series you're going to canon-puncture. As this game is in part psychological, a character can choose to believe that yes, they're really just a figment of someone else's imagination or no, it's just a new technique invented to break them.

8. Can my character escape the Village?

There are three possibilities for escape from the Village.

A) The character has resolved the conflict/revealed the information that brought them to the Village.

If a character goes this route, then they immediately vanish from the game with no chance to say goodbye to anyone they know within the game. The characters can speculate on what happened to the character who vanished, but no definite answer will ever come from above.

This character is no longer playable, and is an option best used if you are tired of roleplaying the character, or wish to leave the game.

B) The character actually escapes from the Village and returns.

This route, the character did not really ever escape the Village, but becomes a stooge for those above, ratting out the other characters without their knowledge.

C) The character dies.

There is actually two sides to C, as a character can have their death "faked" by those above and they can come back later as a stooge (see B) or they can use the death as real to permanantly remove that character from the Game.

Any of the three choices does not restrict the player from putting new characters into the game, it is just the "retirement" plan for old characters.

Characters who do not meet the activity requirements will be "Retired" from the game. The player will have the option of leaving the character retired through choices A or C, or having them "return from the dead" as in option C.

All inactive characters are taken on a case-by-case basis.

9. Who are the Mods?

That would be telling.

If you need for some reason to speak to a mod, you can find them through the.village.rp@gmail.com.

Number 2 is always available on AIM at number twox.

10. My Question Wasn't Answered!

Questions are a burden to others. Answers are prison for oneself.

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