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General Information

Posted by number_twox on 2007.11.28 at 12:23
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One day you wake up in a small, cozy flat. It is definitely not where you went to sleep the night before. As you throw open the window in alarm, you are greeted with a quaint, sleepy town outside.

Your name is but a memory, replaced by the number on your phone dial. No one here will answer a direct question, not unless it's about the town itself and only if you're lucky. There are many people about - some with a glazed, defeated air, their number badges the only indicator that they were different once. Others are fiery and rebellious, some have cast off their name badges in defiance of the structure and order of the system. Whispers of escape reach your ears, of giant roving security systems that will leave you in the hospital, or worse. There are murmurs of torture behind the scene, of people who spy on their own, reporting back to the mysterious and malicious Number Two.

This is clearly a prison, even if it has no bars on the windows or guards with guns. Only one thing is clear - you can trust no one other than yourself.

Can you escape the Village?

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Official Friending List

Posted by number_twox on 2007.11.28 at 11:24
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Village Friending Notifications
Last Modified: 28/11/2007

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Questions, problems and updates should be left in the comments to this entry.

Taken Characters + Applications

Posted by number_twox on 2007.11.28 at 10:52
Current Location: The Green Dome
Current Music: The Bandstand
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Last Updated: 28/11/2007

Those Currently Residing in the VillageCollapse )

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Your Village

Posted by number_twox on 2007.11.27 at 14:53
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It's very cosmopolitan. You'll never know who you'll meet next.Collapse )

The Village FAQ

Posted by number_twox on 2007.11.27 at 11:38
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Where am I?
In the Village.
What do you want?
Whose side are you on?
That would be telling . . .
We want Information.

You won't get it.

By hook or by crook... we will.Collapse )